Want to be driven around Tysons without sitting behind the wheel in traffic? Hop on one of the many bus routes serving your neighborhood, relax, and let someone else do the driving! Head to Wolf Trap for a concert and escape the parking headaches or ditch your car and enjoy a ride to dinner in Tysons. Not to mention how great a choice the bus is for commuting around the greater D.C. Metro area.

What route will you try first?

Highland District is located in the heart of Tysons and has direct access to the Fairfax Connector! The Fairfax Connect cost $2.00 per trip which is able to be purchased by a SmarTrip card or cash. Also, you’re able to travel cheaper by using a SmarTrip card. By using a SmarTrip card you’ll be able to receive up to two hours of free bus-to bus transfers, and a $0.50 discount for transfers made from bus- to-rail.

Fairfax Connector

480 Wolf Trap Express
721 McLean Metro – Chain Bridge Road
724 Lewinsville Rd – Tysons Westpark



23A West to Tysons Corner
23T West to Tysons Corner

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