Scooters are a great way to travel for short distances, last mile connections or sightseeing. 

Fairfax County has rolled out 600 e-scooters for public use. Take advantage of hundreds of scooters from LINK and Bird around Highland District and Tysons area. As part of Fairfax County’s shared mobility device program, e-scooters are accessible for anyone to utilize to get you around. Pick up a scooter on the go and explore Tysons!

Scooter Pricing

Company Undocking fee  Cost per minute 
Bird $1 $0.39
LINK $1 $0.35

Scooter best practices 

Scooters are a quick way to get around but must be used properly. To make sure that travel is safe while riding your scooter, here are some safety tips when riding a scooter:

  • Always wear a helmet when operating a scooter
  • Be on the lookout for pedestrians 
  • You may not be seen by other vehicles, be aware of your surroundings 
  • Follow local safety and traffic laws to prevent any injuries
  • Use bike lanes when operating the scooter
  • Only one person can operate the scooter for the duration of the ride

For more safety tips, also refer to the rider safety tips from Bird and LINK.

Parking your Scooter 

  • Park your scooter in a suitable spot
  • Don’t block the sidewalk, roads, loading dock, access ramps, bus stops, etc. 
  • Do not park and leave your scooter on private property

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